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ATM Fee Saver fee-free and low-fee atms abroad

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ATM Fee Saver is the first platform that helps you find fee-free ATMs or low fee ATMs abroad. The mobile app and website provide information on ATM fees and withdrawal limits for foreign cardholders in 50 countries and is useful when you want to withdraw cash abroad in a foreign country. These reviews of ATM Fee Saver are from users who have rated us on the Google Play Store, App Store, Website and Social Media.

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ATM Fee Saver reviews from users

“Top App, saved me lot of Money !”

Skooma, Germany

Nov 21, 2023

“Found the best banks in Vietnam and Turkey thanks, saved a few pounds on fees thanks.”

Ron, Unknown

Nov 1, 2023

very good app I loved how easy and simple it is to use 😺

Gabriel, Unknown

Oct 18, 2023

Surprised and delighted that this app guided me directly to the only 1 of 8 local ATMs that didn’t charge a withdrawal fee. Saved me between £8 and £12 (depending on the bank) on withdrawing £100 in Turkish lira. Wel done ATM fee saver app! 😺


Tim, Unknown

Sep 15, 2023

Got to know about this from a work group. Downloaded the app, wondering about the authenticity. But, was pleasantly surprised to see it working so well. Bonus: I wrote to the customer support email enquiring about a country I was travelling soon too. Not only did I get a response from the CEO herself, but I was told about some important pointers even though the country is not in their database! Keep up the great work team!


shru892, India

Nov 4, 2023

Andere Nutzerbewertungen

“Smooth handling, all major ATMs available, game changer”



“Useful app. Even though I would normally don’t care about small amounts, used the app in Morocco to find a fee-free ATM and landed up saving a good amount on ATM charges”

Nischal Hindia


“Love the feature where I can calculate ATM fees and charges for the cash amount I want to withdraw. Was handy on my travel to Thailand”

Evellyn Goes


“Found some free atms and some low fee atms while withdrawing cash abroad in India, Vietnam and Thailand. Was easy to use and quick”

Saka Dijkhuizen


“I came across this app while travelling and found it so useful for saving money while backpacking. Its perfect to avoid the scams and high atm fees I’ve ran into in the past. I’d recommend to anyone who travels”

Gavin Foran


“So happy I found this app to find ATMs nearby that don´t charge highest fees. Will definitely not miss putting ATM fee saver on my packing list for my next international travel”

Nathalie Dallath


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