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11 best free, unique travel apps for international travel 2024

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best unique travel app list atm fee saver

You’re all packed and ready for your next international travel. And you’ve already taken your standard travel apps like skyscanner, booking.com, agoda, hostelworld, Airbnb. So in this article, we tell you the  unique travel apps that will make your next international travel smooth sailing! The best part is that all these apps come with great free versions!

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1. Travel Spend – top app for international travel

At the top of our list of best apps for international travel is TravelSpend. Why? Because the TravelSpend mobile app makes expense tracking and spending incredibly easy. After all, who wants to deal with banking apps and credit card statements while on holiday? We love the app because it’s:

  • It’s super easy to use
  • Allows to spread expense over many days
  • Automatically converts expense in local and home currency
  • Helps tracks expenses with or without budget
  • Gives a good variety of categories to add to each expense.
Download on App Store & Play Store.
travel spend best travel app for international travel

2. Time Buddy

Are you in a foreign country, constantly googling “time in my home country” when you need to speak to someone back home? It’s time to upgrade to the Time Buddy app! Why? Because it allows you to effortlessly track time zones by adding all your desired countries in an easy-to-view interface. The best part? You can simply click on a specific time in your current country, and it will highlight the corresponding hour in your home country!

Download on App Store.

Download on Play Store.

timebuddy best travel app for international travel

3. iMoney currency converter

iMoney Converter is a great app to give you real-time currency rates during your transactions. The app let you add multiple currencies for comparison and provide live exchange rates. The best part? You can enter an amount in any currency, and it will instantly convert it into all the other currencies on your list.

Download on App Store.

Download on Play Store.

Besides this, there are other similar options like Xe Currency Converter.

imoney best apps for international travel

4. ATM Fee Saver - Must have unique app on your next international travel

Wondering where to withdraw money in a foreign country with the lowest fees? ATM Fee Saver comes to the rescue. It’s the first mobile app that helps you find fee-free ATMs in over 35 countries across Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East! It provides information on ATM fees, withdrawal limits for foreign ATMs, allows you to calculate fees for your desired cash withdrawal amount, and even offers a map to navigate to the nearest fee-free ATM abroad.

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fee free atm atm fee saver screenshot

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5. Maps.me and Waze

Maps.me earns its spot on our list of top travel apps for international travel because it seems to have every nook and corner of the world covered. Notably, it provides routes for even the tiniest trails in the Himalayas as accurately as it does for major cities. It works both online and offline, allowing you to download the country map you need and use it without an internet connection.

App Store & Play Store.

Another similar app is Waze, our go-to choice, especially when driving in a foreign country. In additional, it not only provides accurate navigation, but in many countries, it also alerts you to speeding cameras or police checkpoints. While it may not have every surprise checkpoint mapped, we’ve found it to be quite accurate for identifying speeding cameras.

You can download on App Store & Play Store.

6. Google translate's camera and voice function

The Google Translate app is a must-have for any international traveler, especially if you don’t speak the language of the foreign country. Specifically, this app helps translate text from various sources, including:

  • Translation of an image
  • Translation of a 1 person voice recording (🎤)
  • Translation of a 2 person conversation (🎙️ / 🎤)

Download on App Store.

Download on Play Store.

google translate camera best unique travel app list

7. iOverlander

iOverlander is a personal favorite and earns its place on our list of unique travel apps. It’s a lifesaver, especially when you’re driving in a foreign country. In particular, the app provides valuable information on amenities such as water sources, laundry facilities, kitchens, showers, toilets, fuel stations, repair shops, campsites, campgrounds, parking areas, and local supermarkets in foreign countries. It often includes pictures and reviews of these places, and it works offline. Specifically, what makes it truly special is that it’s entirely user-generated by fellow travelers who have been there before.

Download on App Store

Download on Play Store.

ioverlander best travel app for international travel

8. Flight Connections and Skiplagged

Have you ever booked an international flight and wondered if there are better connections that could make your journey cheaper? Flight Connections is here to help. It assists you in finding flights from one destination to a range of other destinations and offers various stopover options, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences, budget, or convenience.

This is technically a website and not an app just look up flightconnections.com.

Likewise, there is another cool website for finding cheaper flights – skiplagged.com.

flight connections best travel app for international travel

9. PolarSteps

PolarSteps is a super cool, unique travel app that lets you track your journeys on-the-go in a visually appealing way. As a result, you can add points along your route with pictures and notes, creating a beautiful record of your travel adventures. What’s even better is that you can share your journey with friends and family who are also on the app, allowing them to experience your travels vicariously.

Download on App Store.

Download on Play Store.

polarsteps best unique travel app list atm fee saver

10. PackPoint

Finally, do you stress out just thinking about packing your bags? Don’t worry, PackPoint is here to rescue you with automatically generated packing lists based on your destination’s city or country. It even tailors its list based on: 

  • Activities you’re planning to do
  • Weather of your destination

You can also create custom packing lists, making the packing process a breeze.

Try it and see how pleasurable it is to click the tick-marks soon as you add those items to your bag!

Download on App Store.

Download on Play Store.

packpoint best unique travel app list atm fee saver

11. Splitwise

If you’re traveling with others, Splitwise will become your best travel app for international travel. The app helps you split expenses among multiple people and in different currencies. Simply input your expense amount and select who in the group you paid for. The best part? It allows you to “simplify debt.” So, if different people spent on different things for different people at different times (uff sounds complicated!), Simplify Debt will work its magic and tell you how much you owe to or get from just one or two people.

Download on App Store.

Download on Play Store.

splitwise best travel app for international travel

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