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Cash & ATMs in Taiwan: Fees, limits, cards, forex info for travel

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cash currency exchange atms in taiwan

Taiwan, an island of modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, and vibrant cultural landscapes, offers a journey through its bustling night markets and tranquil mountainous regions. From the skyscrapers of Taipei and the scenic cliffs of Taroko Gorge to the historic townships of Tainan and the serene Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan is a blend of the new and the old. Navigating this diverse island requires an understanding of the local cash, the use of ATMs in Taiwan, and available payment options. This guide will equip you with the financial insights needed to explore Taiwan’s technological marvels and natural beauty with ease, ensuring a journey that intertwines the contemporary with the traditional, filled with discovery and cultural enrichment.

Can I use my card or do I need cash in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, cash is still widely used, particularly by small family businesses and markets. Major hotels and upscale restaurants accept cards. In Taiwan, there is the EasyCard available for use on public transport and for small purchases. It is a rechargeable smart card that can only be loaded with cash.

You will need cash for…
Night markets
Local eateries
Local buses and older transport systems
Small, independent shops
Budget accommodations
Some train passes

You can use a card for…
Department stores
Shopping malls
Most modern retail outlets
Popular accommodations
Well-known eateries
Famous landmarks
Fast trains and large city tube systems
Big tour operators and online booking platforms.

What currencies are accepted?

The only accepted currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD). Note denominations include NT$100, NT$200, NT$500, NT$1000, and NT$2000.

Only some major international hotels may accept US Dollars but this is not common.

Getting the local currency in Taiwan

In Taiwan, you can obtain cash through three primary methods:

ATMs, currency exchange, and money transfer services

Tip: It’s best to avoid purchasing Taiwan Dollars in your home country (if you are not from South East or East Asia). It is not widely used globally and is moderately popular in East and South East Asia. So it might be difficult to find it at home and if you do, the exchange rate will not be favourable.

Where can I find ATMs in Taiwan?

Taiwan has over 29,000 ATMs, found at:

Large airports
Stores that offer convenience
Places where people gather in a community
Popular streets in large cities
Large retail complexes
Food lanes
Branches of banks
Corporate buildings

Here are some challenging locations to locate ATMs:

Compact and straightforward airports
Bus stops in the region
Village interiors
In lesser-known areas, away from the bustle
Places of worship
Remote resorts and retreats.

Currency exchanges in Taiwan

You can use these places to exchange money in Taiwan:

Authorised currency exchange centres: You will find them in all touristy spots in Taipei and a few in smaller towns.
Banks: Bank branches can also easily convert your currency to Taiwan Dollar, especially from currencies like US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, and Singapore dollars. Expect to pay a commission of 0.5% to 2% per transaction.
Hotels and airports: Airports have lots of currency exchanges and so do many large and small hotels. But the exchange rates are not great.


Don’t exchange at airports – Rates are poor
Don’t exchange at black market – You’re likely to be scammed
Bring new notes – Damaged, dirty notes will get you lesser rates or higher fees

What types of cards can be used in Taiwan?

Most ATMs in Taiwan accept Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, and Plus cards. Certain ATMs may be compatible with JCB, UnionPay, and Amex cards. Many establishments may not accept Diners, Discover, or Rupay cards.

Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted for swiping. Your Amex card can only be used at a limited number of locations.

Most currency exchanges prefer physical cash for exchanging. Many places accept Visa and Mastercard. It’s important to consider the fees associated with using your card at a currency exchange.

Are ATMs in Taiwan similar to other countries?

Yes, they are similar in terms of the steps you will conduct on the machine to take out money. But these ATMs do tend to have lots of words and phrases written in Mandarin so it can get confusing. Also, some of the ATMs will take your card fully inside during the transaction so be sure to take it back.

ATMs also provide the option to choose between currency conversion with ‘With Conversion’ or ‘Accept Conversion’, or without conversion with ‘Without Conversion’ or ‘Decline Conversion’. It’s best to choose ‘Without Conversion’ or ‘Decline Conversion’ to avoid any additional fees.

Bank of Taiwan
Mega International Bank
Cathay United
Hua Nan
Taishin Bank
ChangHwa Bank
Kaohsiung Bank
Cooperative Bank

It is common to find some of the above ATMs inside convenience stores like:
Family Mart
7 Eleven

What are ATMs called in Taiwan?

ATMs usually have the word ‘ATM’ on them or it can be written in Mandarin also. The ATMs almost always have the bank’s name in Mandarin and English on it.

ATM PINs in Taiwan

ATM PIN Length in Taiwan: Usually, PINs with 4-digits are accepted.

Accepting both magnetic stripe and chip cards, although chip-and-PIN cards are preferred.

Language options at ATMs and currency exchanges in Taiwan

By default, ATMs in Taiwan offer two language options – Mandarin and English. If you’re not familiar with these languages, that’s perfectly fine. Translate the options on your phone in real time using Google Translate’s camera function. Please note that these translations may not always be completely accurate. It is important to take your time and avoid rushing through the transaction.

You can also use the two languages mentioned above to exchange your currency in Taiwan.

Withdrawal limits and ATM fees in Taiwan

ATMs usually have a withdrawal limit of NT 20,000 per transaction.

ATM fees in Taiwan can vary from NT 0 to NT 100. There are ATM brands that don’t charge any fees!

Discover fee-free ATMs, currency exchanges, and money transfers in Taiwan with the ATM Fee Saver app. The app provides clear information on the fees and withdrawal limits for foreign cardholders using Taiwanese ATMs. Use the app’s calculator to easily determine the fees for withdrawals in Taiwan. After selecting an ATM, the app’s navigation system will provide step-by-step directions to help you reach your destination. The data covers 50 countries, including Taiwan.

Tips to reduce fees at currency exchanges and ATMs in Taiwan

When it comes to ATMs:

Utilise ATMs without any fees within the country.
Discover fee-free or low-fee ATMs with the ATM Fee Saver app.
Choose the option Decline Conversion or Without Conversion when using an ATM.
You may want to consider obtaining fee-free cards from your home country.

Regarding currency exchanges:

Avoid exchange offices that charge fees when converting money in Taiwan – When they mention no fee, it implies that they include their fee in the exchange rate. There are no freebies when it comes to currency exchanges.
Refrain from using credit and debit cards for currency exchange transactions.
Avoid purchasing Taiwan Dollars in your home country – This currency is not widely used and the exchange rates are not favourable.

Are currency exchanges and ATMs in Taiwan considered safe?

Generally, yes. There are numerous ATMs equipped with surveillance cameras and security personnel. Crime rates near ATMs are low.

Choose ATMs located within bank branches instead of standalone machines. These devices are typically more secure and less vulnerable to skimming.
Make sure to regularly monitor your credit card transactions using your bank’s mobile app or online banking platform. Report any transactions that you did not authorise as soon as possible.
Exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi networks for online banking or credit card transactions. For enhanced security, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Keep an eye on your credit card at all times during transactions. Make sure to always keep your card in sight when giving it to merchants.
Take at least two cards with you when travelling. Having a backup option is helpful in case one card encounters an issue.

Only use authorised and registered exchange places for currency exchanges.

Is it generally safe to carry cash while travelling in Taiwan?

Typically crowded areas and empty streets may have a safety issue. Otherwise, it is alright to carry a certain amount of cash. In general, avoid carrying unnecessary amounts of cash that you don’t need. Here are a few tips to ensure the safety of your cash during your travels in Taiwan:

Distribute your money among multiple pockets or wallets rather than keeping it all in one location.
Keep some cash on you in a safety belt or a fanny pack.
Refrain from displaying large amounts of money in public.
Be cautious when making payments to avoid displaying all of your money.
Keeping your wallet in your front pockets is a safer option.
Make sure to keep your purses, wallets, and bags secure and close to your body in crowded areas such as streets, trains, and buses.

Preguntas frecuentes relacionadas

Is there a fee for cash withdrawals in Taiwan?

Several banks in Taiwan do not charge fees to foreign cardholders.

Can cards from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries be used in Taiwan?

Definitely! Cards from various countries can typically be used at ATMs in Taiwan.

Are there any Bitcoin ATMs available in Taiwan?

There are Bitcoin ATMs available, in prominent cities such as Taipei.

Are there any Bank of America ATMs in Taiwan?

Bank of America ATMs are not available in Taiwan.

Are there any Barclays Bank ATMs in Taiwan?

There are no Barclays ATMs available in Taiwan.

Are there any HSBC ATMs available in Taiwan?

Taiwan does have HSBC ATMs available.

Are there any Standard Chartered ATMs in Taiwan?

Taiwan does have Standard Chartered ATMs available.

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