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Cash & ATMs in Romania: All on fees, limits, forex, cards & more

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cash currency exchange atms in romania

Romania, a land of stunning landscapes and rich history, offers a journey through medieval towns, ancient castles, and picturesque countryside. From the charming streets of Brasov and the legendary castle of Dracula in Transylvania to the vibrant capital of Bucharest and the pristine beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, Romania is a country of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Navigating this diverse country requires an understanding of the local cash, ATMs in Romania, and payment options. This guide will provide you with the financial insights needed to explore Romania’s cultural heritage and natural wonders with ease and confidence.

Do I need cash in Romania, or can I just use a card?

In Romania, typically you end up needing a combination of both – cash and cards. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in cities and tourist spots. In rural areas and with smaller vendors, you will still need cash.

You will need cash for…
Small village shops
Local markets
Public transport in some small towns and rural areas.
Street vendors
Small cafes.
Tips in restaurants and taxis

Your card can be swiped at…
Most hotels
Wide range of restaurants
Large stores
Shopping malls
Grocery stores
Museums, theatres, and other places of culture, especially in cities
Intercity trains and major bus lines

What kinds of currencies are accepted in Romania?

Romanian Leu (RON) is the main used currency, notes come in values of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 500 RON.

Even though Romania is a member of the EU, the Euro is not used often in everyday life. There are places in big cities, tourist spots, and big hotels that might take Euros. People rarely accept US Dollars and Pounds.

How to get money in Romania

In Romania, there are three main ways to get cash: ATMs Currency Exchange and Money Transfer.

As a helpful hint, don’t buy Leu in your own country. The currency isn’t very popular around the world (only moderately popular in Europe). It will be hard to find at home, and if you do, the exchange rate will be poor.

Where can I find ATMs in Romania?

In Romania, there are more than 11,000 ATMs, found at:

Town squares and the market
Main tourist streets of every big city
Shopping malls
Food lanes
Bank branches
Some business buildings

These are the spots where it will be tough to find an ATM:

Little airports
Bus stops in the area
The middle of the villages
In small towns, away from the main streets
Resorts and retreats

Currency exchanges in Romania

You can use these places to exchange money in Romania:

Authorised currency exchange centres: You will find them in all touristy destinations near Bucharest main street.
Banks: Bank branches can also easily convert your currency to Leu, especially from currencies like US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, and Singapore dollars. Expect a pay a commission of 0.5% to 2% per transaction.
Hotels and airports: Airports have lots of currency exchanges and so do many large and small hotels. But the exchange rates are not great.


Don’t exchange at airports – Rates are poor
Don’t exchange at the black market – You’re likely to be scammed
Bring new notes – Damaged, dirty notes will get you lesser rates or higher fees

What kinds of cards do ATMs in Romania accept?

Most of the time, Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, Plus, and Diners cards will work. Uncommon card types are JCB, UnionPay, Amex, Discover, or Rupay cards.

Visa and Mastercard can be swiped almost anywhere. There are some places where you might not be able to use your Amex.

The best way to exchange money is with cash. Visa is accepted in a lot of places, MasterCard next. Pay attention to the fees you’ll have to pay if you use your card to exchange money.

Are Romanian ATMs the same as those in other countries?

Yes, they are. There are new ATMs that look and work like ones in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and India. Some of them take your card inside while you use it, so don’t forget to take it out again when you’re done.

Popular bank ATMs in Romania

CEC Bank
First Bank
OTP Bank

Do ATMs have signage?

Typically, you will either find a board saying ‘ATM’ or it will simply be the machine with the bank name.

What kind of ATMs and PINs are in Romania?

ATM PIN Length: Most of the time, 4-digit PINs work.

For swiping, chip-and-PIN cards are standard, but merchants also readily accept magnetic stripe cards.


Romanian ATMs have two language options that are always on: English and Romanian. Some give you more choices like German and French. It’s okay if you don’t understand these languages. You can use the camera feature of Google Translate to translate the options on your phone in real-time. Note: These translations aren’t always right, so be patient and don’t rush through the transactions.

At currency exchanges in Romania, you can interact in the two languages listed above at places that exchange money.

ATM fees and withdrawal limits

Most ATMs limit the amount of cash that you can withdraw in a single transaction between 900 Leu and 2000 Leu, with 1000 Leu being the most common. With respect to ATM Fees, the bank ATMs in Romania don’t charge foreign cardholders any ATM Fees.

With the ATM Fee Saver mobile and web app, you can find free ATMs, places to exchange money, and ways to send money to people in Romania. The app tells foreign cardholders how much they can withdraw and how much they will be charged. You can find out exactly how much it costs to withdraw any amount in Romania. Once you choose an ATM, the app’s navigation tool will show you how to get there. There is information for 50 countries in the app, including Romania.

Ways to avoid high fees at ATMs and currency exchanges

Use ATMs in the country that don’t charge a fee.
Find ATMs with zero fees or low fees with the ATM Fee Saver app.
When you use an ATM, choose Decline Conversion or Without Conversion.
Get cards from your home country that don’t cost anything.

For exchanging money:

In Romania, you should never go to a no-fee exchange office to get cash. If they say no fee, it means that their fee is built into the exchange rate. When you exchange money, nothing is ever free.
Credit and debit cards shouldn’t be used for currency exchange transactions.
In your home country, don’t buy Leu. There aren’t many people who use it, so the exchange rate will be poor.
Again, don’t bring a lot of Leu back home because the exchange rate to sell it will be poor. Most of the time, currency exchanges outside of Romania won’t even buy it back.

Are Romanian ATMs and currency exchanges safe to use?

Typically, yes. There isn’t much crime reported near ATMs.

Choose ATMs that are inside of banks over machines that are outside of banks. These are safer.
Use your bank’s mobile app or online banking to check your credit card transactions often. Report any unauthorised transactions.
When you use public Wi-Fi to do things like online banking or use your credit card, be careful. For extra safety, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Make sure you can see your credit card at all times while you’re making a purchase. Don’t give your card to a store clerk who takes it out of your sight.
When you travel, it’s smart to bring two credit cards with you. This way, you have a backup card in case one of them stops working.

When exchanging money, only go to authorised and registered exchange places.

Safe to carry cash around in Romania?

When you’re in Romania, it’s fine to carry a reasonable amount of cash. And its necessary too. Follow these tips to keep your cash safe while travelling in Romania:

Spread your cash out in different places instead of keeping it all in one pocket or wallet.
Put some cash in a safety belt or fanny pack.
Do not show a lot of cash to other people.
Don’t show all of your cash at once when you pay.
For more safety, put your wallet in the front pockets.
On party streets, trains, and buses, where there are a lot of people, be very careful with your bags, wallets, and purses.


Can I take out cash for free in Romania?

All bank ATMs in Romania are free to use for foreign cardholders. Independent ATM operators do charge a fee.

Do credit cards from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and other places work in Romania?

Yes. At most ATMs in Romania, you can use a credit card from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, or another country.

Is it possible to get Bitcoin in Romania?

There are Bitcoin ATMs, mostly in Bucharest.

Any ATMs of Bank of America in Romania?

There aren’t any Bank of America ATMs in Romania.

Any Barclays Bank ATMs in Romania

Romania does not have any Barclays ATMs.

Any HSBC ATMs in the country?

Romania does not have any HSBC ATMs.

Standard Chartered ATMs in Romania?

Romania does not have any Standard Chartered ATMs.

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