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Cash and ATMs in Czech Republic: Fees, limits, exchange & all you need for your travel

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Czech Republic, a landlocked country in the heart of Europe, is a treasure trove of historical architecture, charming towns, and picturesque landscapes. From the enchanting spires of Prague to the medieval charm of Český Krumlov, and from the rolling hills of Moravia to the rejuvenating spas of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic offers a diverse array of experiences. Navigating the financial landscape is crucial for a seamless journey, so understanding the local currency and cash, using ATMs in Czech Republic and knowing the payment options is essential. This guide will equip you with the financial knowledge needed to explore the rich tapestry of Czech Republic with ease and confidence, immersing yourself in its cultural and natural beauty.

Cash or card?

A mix of spending styles works best for many. Even with cards accepted at many places, cash comes into play for about 50-60% of purchases.

Cash for:

Street shopping
Public buses
Local taxis (though some cities may have app-based services that accept cards)
Many tour operators, especially local or small-scale ones
Local trains (in some areas, ticket machines might not accept cards)
Local markets and bazaars
Food from local restaurants, especially in less touristy areas
Many hostels and budget hotels
Tips and gratuities in many places
Entry fees for some castles, museums, and historical sites
Street food vendors
Small purchases

Card for:

Upmarket hotels
Car rentals
Spas in major cities
Tailoring services in major cities
Online bookings for hotels, flights, and tours
Fancy sit-down restaurants in major cities
Entry fees for major tourist attractions and cultural sites in major cities
Professional pre-paid taxi booking services (such as in larger cities)
Good looking coffee shops in major cities
Expensive tour operators
Shopping in malls and branded stores in major cities

So where to get cash?

There are 3 ways to get the cash in Czech Republic. They are:

ATMs, or
Currency exchange
Money Transfer & local pick-up
Pro-tip: Avoid buying Czech Koruna (CZK or Kč) in your home country. It’s not a popular currency so it’ll be hard to find at home and if you do, the exchange rate will be poor.

Find ATMs in Czech Republic at…

The Czech Republic has a comfortable count of over 6,000 ATMs, both bank-operated and independent. They’re readily found in cities and small towns but are rare in very remote areas. Usual places to find ATMs include major airports, central market areas, and main tourist streets.

Popular banks with ATMs

The most popular ATMs in Czech Republic are:

Cesca Sporitelna
Fio Banka
There are other banks with ATMs that also accept international debit and credit cards.

Global ATM alliance: Global ATM Alliance is a partnership among many banks in the world to allow its customers to withdraw cash from all partner banks abroad without any ATM fee. Many banks in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and Latin America are part of the Global ATM Alliance, including Bank of America, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and others. BUT, there is no local bank in Czech Republic part of this network. So don’t rely on this.

Where to find currency exchanges?

You can exchange cash in Czech Republic at:

Authorised currency exchange centres: Look for these in tourist areas, with local brands being the preferred choice. Ensure they have an authorisation certificate and ask for identification.
Banks: Convert your currency to Koruna at bank branches, especially for common currencies like US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, and Singapore dollars. A commission of 0.5% to 2% per transaction is typical.
Hotels and airports: While these locations offer currency exchange, their rates are often not the best. Some larger hotels may provide rates similar to banks.

Avoid airport exchanges for better rates.
Beware of the black market to avoid scams.
Bring new notes for better rates or lower fees.
For US dollars, larger bills typically receive higher rates.

Accepted currencies:

Czech Republic mainly accepts its local currency Czech Koruna (CZK or Kč). Don’t be shocked with notes like Kč 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000! These are denominations but their value is lower compared to the US Dollar, Euro or Pound.
US Dollar: You can use US Dollars in some touristic areas only at specific places like some hotels or large tour operators. But if you pay in US Dollar and not in Dong, exchange rate in these payments will be poor. So pay in Quetzal unless you like losing a lot of money!
Euro: Not accepted
Pound: Not accepted

Know the ATMs in Czech Republic

Foreign debit and credit cards usage:

Indeed, the Czech Republic’s ATMs are compatible with international banking cards.

Types of cards at ATMs in Czech Republic

ATMs in Czech Republic will mainly accept Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro and Diners cards. Don’t expect ATMs in Greece to usually accept JCB, UnionPay, Amex, Discover or RuPay cards.

Types of cards to swipe

The majority of merchants accept Visa and Mastercard for swiping. There’s also a chance of using Amex and other cards, though at a reduced number of locations.

Opening hours

You’ll find that ATMs are invariably open 24/7, especially the standalone types. However, ATMs situated within bank branches usually have hours restricted to 9 am to 3 pm.

Workings and functionalities of the ATMs in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s ATMs are undeniably modern, bearing a strong resemblance to those in well-known western and Asian countries. Be vigilant about retrieving your card from ATMs that engulf it during transactions.

ATM names

Words ATM or bankomat are widely used

PIN type

ATMs in Czech Republic (Czech Republic) primarily accept 4-digit PINs. Longer PINs are generally not accepted.

Also, many merchants used old machines which require a magnetic stripe on the card and not just a chip-and-pin card.

Language options

Czech ATMs will typically offer you a choice of Czech or English right at the beginning of your transaction. If these aren’t your languages, remember that Google Translate can assist, although it’s not infallible.

Know the foreign exchanges in Czech Republic

Foreign debit and credit cards usage:

Currency exchanges prefer hard cash for exchange. Visa is accepted at many places, mastercard next. Please be mindful of the fees you will pay if you use your card at a currency exchange.

Opening hours

Cash transactions are usually preferred by currency exchange services. Visa is often accepted, as is Mastercard, though using these cards may entail additional fees.

Languages to interact in

Staff at currency exchanges in Czech Republic can usually interact in 2 languages– Czech and English

Exchange names

Currency exchange operations may be identified as ‘Currency Exchange’, ‘Forex’, ‘Money Exchange’, or ‘Foreign Exchange’.

ATM withdrawal limit and ATM Fees

Withdrawal limit: ATMs typically restrict the withdrawal per transaction from Kč 60,000 to Kč 400,000. Most common Kč 80,000.

ATM fees: Here’s the good news! In Czech Republic, the range of ATM fees goes from Kč 0 to Kč 239. Which means there are some ATM brands that charge absolutely no fees!

Ways to avoid high fees

Use fee-free ATMs in the country.
Use the ATM Fee Saver app to find fee-free or low-fee ATMs.
Opt for “Decline Conversion” or “Without Conversion” during ATM transactions.
Consider getting fee-free cards from your home country.
For more in-depth insights and alternative methods, check out our detailed article, Withdrawing cash abroad? 9 best ways to save foreign ATM fees.
Avoid no-fee exchange offices at all costs to get cash in Czech Republic – If they say no fee, which means they account for their fee in the exchange rate. Nothing is ever free in currency exchanges
Avoid using credit and debit cards for direct transactions
Don’t buy Czech Koruna in your home country – Its not a popular currency and you’ll get poor exchange rates
Don’t carry a lot of Czech Koruna back home – Again, exchange rate to sell will be poor. And mostly, it wont even be bought back by currency exchanges outside of Czech Republic.

Ways to find fee-free ATMs

Discover fee-free ATMs in Czech Republic, currency exchanges, and money transfer services using the ATM Fee Saver app for mobile and web. The app provides details on fees for foreign cardholders at Czech Republicese ATMs, as well as withdrawal limits. You can also calculate the exact fees for your withdrawals. Plus, the app offers navigation to your chosen ATM and covers information for 50 countries, including Czech Republic.

Money and safety

Carrying cash

Carrying cash in the Czech Republic is generally safe, but avoid carrying large amounts unnecessarily. To safeguard your cash:

Distribute your cash across different locations.
Consider using a safety belt or fanny pack.
Avoid displaying a lot of cash in public.
Be discreet when paying.
Keep your wallet in your front pockets for better safety.
In crowded areas, secure your purses, wallets, and bags close to your body.

Safety at ATMs in Czech Republic & currency exchanges

ATMs in the Czech Republic are generally secure, equipped with cameras and guards. However, pickpocketing and isolated cases of skimming near keypads have been reported. For added safety, use ATMs inside bank branches, regularly monitor card transactions, avoid public Wi-Fi for banking, keep your card in sight, and carry a backup card. For currency exchanges, choose authorized places.


Fee-free ATMs and possible to withdraw cash free of cost?

Yes, some banks in Czech Republic do not charge any fees to foreign card holders. They are popular and have many ATMs across the country. Use ATM Fee Saver to find those free ATMs.

Foreign cards from US, UK, India, China, Europe accepted?

Absolutely yes! You can usually use cards from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries at ATMs in Czech Republic

Bitcoin ATMs: Yes, there are about 70 Bitcoin ATMs in Czech Republic.

Foreign banks’s presence in Czech Republic

Bank of America: No
Citbank: Yes, there are about 20 Citibank ATMs in Czech Republic.
Barclays: No
HSBC: None at all
Standard Chartered: No

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