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Cash and ATMs in Portugal & Lisbon: Fees, limits, exchange & all you need to know

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Exploring Portugal’s charming towns, picturesque villages, and breathtaking coastlines feels like stepping back in time, thanks to the country’s captivating history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Portugal has so much to offer, with its captivating experiences ranging from the mediaeval castles of Sintra to the golden beaches of the Algarve. Don’t forget to explore the historic streets of Lisbon and indulge in the beauty of the vineyards in the Douro Valley. If you want to navigate this awesome country, it’s pretty important to know how to use the local cash and ATMs in Portugal, where to exchange currency. If you’re looking for a guide on how to budget your trip to Portugal and make the most of the country’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and welcoming people without spending too much, then this articles is perfect for you.

Can I use my card in Portugal, or do I need cash?

Card usages are pretty common. Many tourists prefer using cards, with around 70 to 80% of transactions being done without cash.

Payment in cash for:
Small purchases
Public transport vehicles
Local fairs and marketplaces
Food trucks
Tips and gratuities.

Here are some ways you can use the card:
Admission prices theme parks and other popular tourist destinations.
Retail therapy at malls and name-brand boutiques
Renting a vehicle
Travel, lodging, and tour reservations online
Train services in the area
Fancy restaurants
People walking and small vehicles
Pricy hotels
Hostels available.
Taxi booking services, such as Bolt and Uber
Charming coffee shops
Expensive tour companies
Food from local restaurants, some of which have seating available
Plenty of tour operators

Which currency does Portugal accept? Can I use dollars, or pounds in Portugal?

In Portugal, Euros are widely accepted as the national currency. Euro notes are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. No other currency is usually accepted in the country.

Where can I find Portuguese currency?

You can find these services at most ATMs, currency exchange locations, places for money transfers, and local centres for pickup.

Do you know where I can find ATMs in Portugal?

There are around 13,000 ATMs spread across Portugal. These are run by Multibanco, a shared network. It’s a breeze to get cash in Portugal with these options. They’re available in larger towns, and even in smaller ones, you’ll come across at least one or two ATMs. Just a heads up, visiting remote islands might not live up to your expectations.

There are ATMs at:
Popular airports
Hangouts and shopping spots
Main streets in large cities
Shopping centres for commuters
Routes for food
Bank branches
Just a couple of office buildings

Finding ATMs in these places might be a bit challenging:
Airports on smaller islands
Bus stops for different areas
The countryside
In smaller towns, away from the main roads
Religious establishments
Goes to hidden getaways

Do you know where I can find a currency exchange in Portugal?

Most tourist attractions will have an authorised currency exchange. Just make sure they are registered with the Banco de Portugal before doing business with them. They also go by the name “cambios”.
Airports have plenty of options for currency exchange.
You can easily exchange euro banknotes and coins at any of the Banco de Portugal’s cash offices. Additionally, they also accept damaged euro banknotes for exchange. You can send your documents to the Banco de Portugal by regular mail. If that’s how it is, you gotta use the registered delivery service if you want to send something valuable. You can find it at any post office.
Hotels: Hotels, both large and small. The exchange rates at hotels and airports aren’t great.
Banks do not usually do currency exchanges.

Advice from professionals:
Avoid airport currency exchanges – they offer unfavourable rates.
Stay away from the black market and be cautious to avoid getting scammed.
Just a heads up – if your notes are in bad shape, the price might vary a bit.
Prices for bigger US dollar bills are a bit higher.
Don’t forget to take a look at the exchange rates for the Euro before you head off to Portugal. They tend to be pretty favourable, even in your own country.

Do currency exchanges and ATMs in Portugal operate 24/7?

ATMs are usually open 24/7, 365 days a year.
Some currency exchanges may not be open 24/7. They’re open from 9 am to 7 pm, except for airports. Just a heads up, remember to consider the timing when you want to exchange currency and need cash in Portugal.

Can I use my international credit and debit cards at ATMs in Portugal? Currency exchanges too?

Sure thing! ATMs in Portugal happily accept foreign cards.
You’ll find that most legit currency exchanges also accept major debit and cards. However, there are usually fees involved with this. So, you might as well trade it for cash.

What credit and debit cards does Portugal accept?

ATMs in Portugal accept a variety of cards, including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Cirrus, Plus, American Express, Diners, and Discover. They might not accept JCB, Maestro, or Rupay.
It’s super easy to slide with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You can pay for your fuel at most petrol stations using either cash or major cards. Sorry, but usually only chip-and-pin cards are accepted.
If you’re looking to exchange currencies, it’s usually a good idea to have some cash on hand. Lots of places take Visa, and Mastercard usually comes next. Just a heads up, there are some fees you’ll have to pay when using your card at currency exchanges.
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Do the ATMs in Portugal work like the ones elsewhere?

Yes. ATMs in Portugal are pretty advanced and work just like the ones you’d find in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and India. Don’t forget to take your card with you after using these ATMs to withdraw cash, as some of them fully insert it during the transaction.

Financial institutions in Portugal that have ATMs

Millennium BCP
Caixa Geral
Banco BPI

By the way, Portugal has ATMs from various international banks:


How to I identify an ATM in Portugal?

Common examples of ATM signage are “MB”, “Multibanco” and “ATM”.

ATMs and PIN systems in Portugal

ATMs in Portugal typically have a four-digit PIN length, which is the most common.

Plus, a lot of stores are still stuck with outdated technology that can’t handle the new chip-and-pin cards unless they also read the magnetic stripe.

Language for Portuguese ATM and currency exchange

Portuguese and English are the main languages used on Portuguese ATMs, but you might also find options for Spanish, French, and German on some of them. You can access this option right from the start of the transaction.

You can use Google Translate’s camera feature to get real-time translations of your phone’s menu options to translate the ATM screen. Feel free to take your time and not rush through the transaction. Just keep in mind that these translations may not always be 100% accurate.

If you need to get your money in Portugal, you’ll be able to communicate in the 3 languages mentioned above at currency exchange places – Portuguese, English and likely Spanish.

Talk to me about ATM fees and withdrawal limits in Portugal

Typically, you can only take out €200 per transaction from an ATM, with a daily limit of €400.

No worries about ATM fees in Portugal! You can use an ATM without any charges! If you decide not to go ahead with the conversion, you won’t have to pay any extra fees for currency conversion. They give you the choice to accept or decline the conversion. Just a heads up, there are ATM fees charged by independent ATM operators, not bank based ATMs.

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Find free ATMs, currency exchanges, and money transfers in Portugal with ATM Fee Saver.

Discover convenient ATMs, currency exchanges, and money transfer locations in Portugal using the ATM Fee Saver app or website. It outlines the withdrawal limits and fees for international cardholders when using these ATMs. Discover the precise amount of money you’ll need to withdraw from your Portugal account with the app’s convenient calculator. The app’s navigation feature will guide you to the selected ATM. Portugal is included among the fifty countries covered.

Ways to avoid the high fees imposed by banks and ATMs in Portugal

Use no-fee ATMs across the country.
Decline conversion at ATMs, twice.
Check out getting cards that don’t have fees for transactions in your home country.
If you’re looking to get some cash in Portugal, it’s best to avoid exchange offices that charge a fee. The ones that don’t mention a fee usually include it in the exchange rate. When it comes to currency exchanges, you can’t expect anything to be handed out for free.
It’s best to avoid making currency exchange transactions with your credit or debit card directly.

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Are ATMs and currency exchanges in Portugal safe to use?

Yes, usually. Many ATMs have cameras and guards stationed outside. Crime rates near ATMs are pretty low. Seems like pickpocketing is becoming more common these days.
You can be safer with these tricks:
There have been some cases in Portugal where cameras were placed near ATM keypads to figure out people’s PINs. Hey, just a friendly reminder to keep the PIN pad out of sight when using an ATM in Portugal! Use some other simple strategies to be safe with your money:
Use ATMs inside bank branches instead of using standalone ones – These are more secure and more difficult for skimming devices to bypass.
Stay on top of your card purchases by regularly checking your bank’s online or mobile banking feature. Make sure to notify any questionable purchases as soon as possible.
Be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks for online financial transactions. It’s best to avoid conducting sensitive transactions on these networks. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you could consider setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Make sure to always have your card in sight when making a purchase. Don’t hand over your card to persons that take it outside your line of sight.
It’s a good idea to have a couple of cards with you when you’re travelling. If one of the cards has any issues, you’ll have a backup plan ready.
Avoid exchanging currencies at unlicensed or unregistered exchanges.

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Is it cool to carry cash while travelling in Portugal?

You can totally travel around Portugal with a decent amount of cash without any worries. And important. Here are some tips to keep your money safe while you’re in Portugal:
Why not mix things up a bit and distribute your cash across different wallets or pockets?
You might wanna consider stashing some cash in a fanny pack or safety belt.
Just stash away a little cash where no one can see it.
It’s always a good idea to avoid flaunting a big wad of cash when you’re making a payment.
To keep your wallet safe, try putting it in your front pockets.
Make sure to keep a close eye on your belongings when using public transportation, especially in crowded places such as lively streets, trains, and buses.
It’s about those ATM machines. Yeah, for the most part, the answer is yes. Sometimes, you might not even notice it, but there are times when the ATM ends up swallowing your card.


Can I withdraw cash for free in Portugal?

Bank ATMs don’t charge foreign card holders any fees.

Is Portugal a good spot to use your card if you’re from the US, UK, Europe, or Australia?

Definitely! ATMs in Portugal usually accept cards issued in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

Do you know if Portugal has any Bitcoin ATMs?

Portugal has a decent number of Bitcoin ATMs.

Can I use a Bank of America ATM in Portugal?

Sorry, but Portugal doesn’t have any Bank of America ATMs.

In Portugal, you can find Citibank ATMs everywhere?

Regrettably, there are no Citibank ATMs available in Portugal.

ATMs run by Barclays Bank in Portugal?

There are a few Barclays Bank ATMs in Portugal.

ATMs in Portugal from HSBC?

No, Portugal doesn’t have any HSBC ATMs.

Any Portuguese ATMs connected to Standard Chartered?

Nope, Portugal doesn’t have any Standard Chartered ATMs, sorry.

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