The Minds

ATM Fee Saver is the brainchild of two seasoned travellers and tech enthusiasts
from India and Germany.

Pooja meswani -co founder

Pooja Meswani

Founder & CEO

Former Director & CX Advisory Leader, Deloitte

Lu Frey -Co founder

Laura Frey

Co-Founder & CMO

Tech Developer, Former Experience Officer & Audiologist

We’ve been travelling for 9+ years to 60+ countries, 5 continents… as backpackers, budget and luxury travellers. And even though our wallets grew smaller on each journey, we were much richer in experiences! But in all this fun and glory, one thing always pained us.

Whenever we used an ATM in a foreign country to withdraw our hard-earned money, we would be paying lots of fees to do so! You may say, “Sure, they’re providing a service. Service isn’t usually free.” We totally get that. Over the years, we (and you probably too) have donated-oops-paid loads of our precious money to such fees!

Initially, we’d accept these fees out of ignorance. Then, we’d snub it off saying, “4% of our withdrawal amount is tiny!” Like many of you, we’d choose convenience of the closest ATM, rather than finding if there’s one just a few steps away that’s free or with a lower fee (there usually is!).

Behold the day when one of us added these fee amounts over a 8-month travel. Safe to say, we cried to see just how much money was lost in such “tiny fees”! Chats with fellow travellers on the topic always riled up similar emotions. Shouldn’t you rather save and spend this money on other experiences? (Glasses of fine wine, maybe?).


Therefore, we decided to create ATM Fee Saver. To help all you fellow travellers find fee-free ATMs or low-fee ATMs when you’re withdrawing cash abroad. So whether you’re a one-time traveller or a frequent traveller, travelling just for a weekend or long term, are on budget or love luxury, use ATM Fee Saver and see just how much you save up for other experiences, it’s indeed a good feeling!

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