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Best Taxi Apps in Europe

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You are set to discover the scenic beauty of Norway, immerse in Poland’s rich history, soak in the Mediterranean charm of Italy or wander through the pretty streets of Europe. To make your trip smooth and memorable, we’ve gathered the best taxi apps in Europe including rideshare apps, navigation apps and transportation apps, so you’re fully covered when it comes to all things moving around the continent!

1. Eurail

Eurail make it to our top of taxi apps in Europe as its a must for any one exploring Europe by train and wants a flexible way to discover diverse landscapes and cultures.

The app is simple to use – it helps you book tickets on the go, check train times. And you can use search many things on the app without Wi-Fi (though to complete a transaction you will need internet). 

2. Cabify

Cabify is a must-have taxi app in europe on your travel. It’s easy to use, helps you save money, and ensures safe and reliable rides in many vibrant European cities.

The app was first launched in Spain and works similar to other taxi apps – providing geolocated rides, verified drivers, and a safety button in case of emergencies.

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3. Uber

I guess we all know Uber, but it had to be on the list. This taxi app is cheaper than regular taxis and easy to use with your usual account from back home.


FREENOW is here because it’s an awesome taxi app in Europe. It gives you lots of ways to get around (7 different options) for moving around – taxis, private cars, e-scooters, e-bikes and more.

It works in 150+ cities in UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland & Greece, super easy to use and won’t break the bank.

5. Omio

Omio is among other popular rideshare apps in Europe. The apps offers a diverse range of transportation options, including trains, buses, planes and more. You can book these tickets via the app also. Omio operates in 37 countries including most countries in Europe too.

6. Bolt

Bolt made it to our top rideshare apps in Europe because it’s easy to use, tells you the cost upfront, and bonus – it’s into helping the planet by being eco-friendly. It offers options to use eco-friendly vehicles so its not just easy on your wallet but will align with your green mission in Europe.

7. Rome2rio

Rome2rio makes the cut to our top navigation apps in europe because it’s your travel planning superstar! The best part about Rome2Rio is shows you the transportation options you can have for any destination in the world from Point A to B. So whether its bus, train, air, ferry and rideshare or walk, it’ll give you the info and also help you book.

8. Flixbus

FlixBus is an excellent transportation app that offers budget-friendly bus and train services across countries. They have two options – FlixBus and FlixTrain. In our opinion, both are a cozy space on wheels – charge your gadgets, find on-board bathrooms, stay connected with Wi-Fi, and have plenty of space to stretch your legs.

9. BlaBlaCar

Carpooling and Bus – that’s what BlaBlaCar rideshare app in Europe offers you, at pocket-friendly prices! Take your pick from thousands of rides and destinations, making the journey uniquely yours.

What’s cool? It’s good for the planet, as fewer cars hit the road. Concerned about riding with strangers? BlaBlaCar verifies its drivers, and you can read reviews to find a good travel match. If this is nothing for you, they also have BlaBlaCar Buses which works in 21+ countries.

10. Bike Share Buddy

Bike Share Buddy is your go-to app in Europe for bike-sharing You can find these bikes at bike sharing stations in Europe. Payments can be made via the app too. The only negative part is that it’s only iOS users.

11. CityMapper

Citymapper is like a city guide for getting around and it’s on the list on our top navigation apps in Europe because it helps you planning smart routes with up-to-date info. With Citymapper, you can compare different ways to travel and pick the best one for you.

12. Eurostar

Eurostar is similar to Eurail and the apps helps you find and book train travel in Europe. It is available for train travel in 100 destinations including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

13. Trainline

Trainline makes it to our list of top taxi apps and transportation apps in Europe because it offers easy booking for trains and buses, accepts discount cards, and provides a user-friendly experience for travellers.

You can find transportation options for over 270 train and bus providers on the App and can easily compare connections and prices from Deutsche Bahn, Flixbus, Eurostar and many more.

14. Scotterino

If you’re travelling to Rome, this rideshare app is a must-have. It’s the quintessential Italian way to travel – relaxed on the back of a Vespa, zipping through traffic much faster than by car. Sadly, its only available for Android users.

Planning a trip elsewhere and looking for useful apps?

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