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Unique Must Have Items and Ultimate Packing List for Foreign Travel

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must have items and packing list atm fee saver

Today, we’re diving into the unique packing list for international travel. But it’s not the obvious things like packing cubes, toothbrushes and underwear (duh!). We’re going to talk about the things no one really tells you about but if you knew they exist, you’ll definitely want them on your travel to a foreign country. These are handy tech gadgets, survival tools, and reusable items. Because let’s be honest… who needs a suitcase with a separate wine bottle opener, pocket knife, scissors, tweezers, toothpicks when you can have ONE multifunctional Swiss army knife instead? So here are the must have items for your next trip abroad whether to Europe, South America or Asia! Our list of unique packing list for foreign travel has products in these categories:

  1. Tech Gadgets
  2. Clothing and More
  3. Health and Wellness

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1. Tech Gadgets

We all know the smartphone is a must-have – it’s our handyman to the world and a source of endless entertainment on long flights. But there are also other cool things you shouldn’t forget such as:

1.1 Solar-powered power bank

As the name suggests, the Solar Power Bank charges itself from sunlight. Therefore, you don’t need to plug it in. It comes handy in ALL situations – walk on a busy street, hiking in the Alps, trekking in Machu Picchu, navigating through the Amazon. Just lay it out in the sun or on your backpack, and voila, it’s ready to serve you with power anytime you need. Definitely worth to be on your unique packing list for foreign travel. After all, relying on electricity is so last season 🙂

solar power bank must have items foreign travel atm fee saver

1.2 Foldable Keyboard

Pack on a foldable keyboard and you’ll thank us later. This gadget is ideal for saving space especially for those who work on their laptops and tablets while traveling and don’t want to carry heavy multiple things like a full sized keyboard and a mouse. You can also get the ones with an in-built mousepad or number pad on the side.

foldable keyboard among must have items for your foreign travel

1.3 All-in-one charging adapter

When we say “all-in-one”, these charging adapters are really ALL-IN-ONE. These multi-charging adapters have:

  • Multiple plugs for different countries
  • Multiple slots for lots of wires. 

So, you can plug all the wires for your phones, laptop, earpods, headphones, cameras, and drones together in one compact adapter and be all set to go!

We love MINIX 66W Fast Charging Adapter to be among the must have items on your unique packing list for foreign travel!

all in one charger adapter for foreign travel

1.4 Cable Organiser

We all have phones, various headphones, power banks, laptops, drones, and cameras. The result of this when we’re traveling to different countries with one or two bags is likely a total cable chaos! Get a cable organiser as it helps:

  • Bring order to your cable mess
  • You’ll instantly find the cable you’re looking for

You can either get a full cable organiser or if you want to go even more light, just simply get reusable cable ties. We believe this is a definitely among the must have items so put it on your packing list now!

cable organiser
cable ties for foreign travel

1.5 Portable Mini Projector

Want to get the home cinema feeling wherever you go? The Portable Mini Project is your life saver. It’s a cool gadget to carry especially if you’re traveling for an extended period and staying in Airbnb or vacation homes where you have more walls.

portable mini projector for your packing list atm fee saver

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2. Clothing and More

Okay, let’s dive into the world of clothing and more. Packing for six months in three different climate zones? Quite a juggling act, right? As if that weren’t adventurous enough, it all has to fit into your carry-on. And who doesn’t want to look stunning all the time, no matter where they are? Here are a few life hacks to give you more space for other things:

2.1 Light scarf or shawl made of multi-weather material

Among the top must have items on your packing list for foreign travel is a a light scarf or shawl built with materials that provide warmth. It is a simple yet versatile items you can pack in your backpack. The one rightly chosen scarf will help to:

  • Cover your shoulders in a mosque or a religious place
  • Save you from feeling chilly on the airplane to your next destination
  • Have a relaxed Netflix evening in a dorm without everyone peeking into your bed
  • Cover your eyes while napping when you realise you forgot your sleep mask
shawl for foreign travel must have items

2.2 Travel laundry bag and shoe bag in one

You want to put the dirty laundry separately from the fresh clothes. What do you do? Definitely not another plastic bag. Furthermore, your shoes only fit in your backpack, but they’re completely dirty. So get the an easy-to-fold and zippable travel laundry bag that can also be used as a shoe bag. It’s easy to wash and close. We find this item to be unique, versatile, easy to use and among the top have must have items when you travel abroad.

2.3 Packable down jacket

Now, you’ll say that down jackets are sooo big and heavy. Well, they don’t have to be! Packable down jackets are compact, they fold into a small pound and keep you incredibly warm. We love the Ultra-Light Down Jacket series from Uniqlo! Put it on your packing list now! We recommend it to be a must have item.

down jacket among the must have items for foreign travel atm fee saver
ultra light down jacket for unique packing list for foreign travel atm fee saver

2.4 Quick-drying underwear and socks

I know, I know. Not exactly sexy, but having 1-2 pairs of quick-dry socks are absolutely helpful for a day in nature when everything gets wet, and you don’t want to wait three hours for everything to dry. Same with quick-dry underwear. Definitely worth being among the must have items!

quick dry socks on your packing list atm fee saver

2.5 Pocket-sized rain poncho

Self-explanatory. You can buy cute rain ponchos anywhere. They are incredibly practical and small you wont even notice its in your bag. 

rain poncho for foreign travel

2.6 Multiway clothing:

Today you’re in the all-in-black mode, and tomorrow, you might want to add some color to your style. But who wants to lug around a separate wardrobe for each style? 

Here come our fashion hacks: Clothing items that you can wear in different ways! Multiway clothing are those items that can be worn inside-out or outside-in. This makes your travel luggage lighter and more versatile. Best part is you can be ready for any look. Because who says you can’t shine in brighter colors while traveling?

2.7 Light and quick-drying travel towels

Light and quick dry towels are a game changer. They absorb everything lightning fast and you can toss them right back into your backpack. We love the Microfibre towels from Decathlon – they are super cheap and come in a variety of colours. Conclusion: Space-saving and an absolute must-have for all your trips!

3.Health and Wellness

3.1 Mini Travel Sewing Kit

You never know when the button on your favorite jacket will come off. With a little Travel Sewing Kit in your bag, you can quickly repair it yourself, and your favourite jacket will be as good as new. So add to your packing list now!

sewing kit among the must have items for foreign travel atm fee saver

3.2 Portable Travel Jewelry Organiser

For most women out there, this one is a definite must have item. Sure you’d carry at least a earring or two, some bracelets, trinkets and watch on your travel. To add to that, you might find cute pieces in flea markets abroad you want to carry back home at memoirs or gifts. This is where the portable travel jewelry organiser comes in super handy. They save space and help you keep your little treasures are neatly organised!

jewelry organiser for your packing list atm fee saver

3.3 Collapsible Water Bottle or soft flasks

Say no to plastic bottles! Get yourself a foldable water bottle – practical, eco-friendly,  you can refill them as you go and it fits even in the smallest travel bag.

foldable water bottle for your packing list atm fee saver

3.4 Reusable silicone bags for liquids

Say goodbye to leaked shampoo bottles or buying big bottles while on the road. You can use reusable silicone bags and empty your bottles in them. They come in various sizes, are easy to refill, are cheap and will save up a lot of space.

silicon bag for a must have items on your packing list for foreign travel atm fee saver

3.5 The Swiss Army Knife

Not just for cutting fruit, but a swiss army knife will help you handle different types of tasks easily. You can use it as a toothpick, cut items, nail filer, and lots more. Note: This is not allowed in carry-on luggage.

swiss army knife on your packing list for foreign travel atm fee saver

3.6 Resistance bands

Difficult to bring the entire gym from home, right? Resistance bands on the other hand take up almost no space and help with pilates or strength training or even physiotherapy on the go! Its an all-rounder fitness item and very affordable. 

resistance bands on your packing list

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